Posted by: Emily | April 30, 2008

Getting folks on board

Stephen Francoeur has a post today about the reference staff blog at Baruch College.  It’s a great idea–reference staff blog questions and answers, all of which are tagged in, generating a stable and growing repository of knowledge useful for the group. We started something like this at Sarah Lawrence, but it just never took off. Only a few of us posted, and unless we could reliably count on all desk staff checking the blog, it couldn’t replace our sticky notes, little wooden tray, and desk calendar as communication tools. In comments, Stephen offers a number of strategies for getting folks on board, all of which seem helpful. I’m especially interested in the ways we might email blog posts directly to desk staff–that’s a ‘technology’ we all seem to use!

What are other thoughts about how to encourage the adoption of new tools in the library?



  1. We just launched a reference wiki here at the IU Southeast library. I am hopeful that people will use it and find it helpful. It is meant to provide an electronic, searchable, and easily-updateable version of our reference manual, which is in a three ring binder at the reference desk. I find the paper manual really hard to navigate, so having an wiki version of it seems like the perfect solution to me.

    I sent an email to my colleagues explaining how to use it, and offering to sit down with them and show them how to do things. No one has asked for help yet, but everyone did go create an account. Sustaining new technologies once they’ve been launched is a challenge, and I’m not sure how exactly I’m going to make sure the wiki keeps going.

    Maybe I’ll just throw away the print version! 😉

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