Posted by: Maria | June 28, 2008

ALA 2008: day one

Emily and I are in Anaheim, refreshed and relaxed after a dip in the Holiday Inn jacuzzi. Our main conference activities of the day so far have been: 1) checking in at conference registration and getting our Big Orange Bag, and 2) attending the ACRL Instruction Section soirée. The soirée was a smidge overwhelming and the place was packed. I wouldn’t say that I really “networked,” but I did manage to talk to a few people.

My agenda for Saturday is pretty over-scheduled, and I’m not sure if I’ll end up going to everything I’ve put on my itinerary. The session I’m most looking forward to is REFORMA’s “Nine Digits Away from my Dream: The Plight of Undocumented Students Seeking Higher Education in the U.S. and the Hope of the Dream Act.” There has been an influx of Spanish-speaking immigrants in the Kentuckiana area over the past few years, and we are starting to see some of them enrolling at IUS. This is a very new and different demographic in our student population, and I want to learn more about how we can serve them better.

What have you done or seen so far, and what are you looking forward to?



  1. Thank you for your interest in immigrant youth. We definitely need more supporters of the DREAM Act in places like Kentucky, where anti-immigrant voices are often the loudest. Please see our website for more information about this issue:

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