Posted by: Maria | February 10, 2009

How much is too much teaching?

Yesterday, while composing my annual report for 2008, I crunched some numbers, and I determined the following:   In 2008, I taught a total of 62 instruction sessions—22 in the spring semester, and 40 in the fall, which calculates to 34 percent of the 182 total sessions for the spring and fall semesters in 2008.

I feel mostly okay about teaching so much.  I am pretty tired, though. Is that a lot?  No, seriously, is that a lot?  I’ve lost all sense of perspective on this.  At Midwinter, I was talking to a colleague at my university’s main campus, and she seemed staggered by these numbers.  But for me?  It just seems normal.  My job title is Coordinator of Instruction.  So should do more instruction than anyone else, right?

How much teaching do you do?  Does your library have any policies or restrictions on how much teaching you do?  Would you refuse to teach three classes in one day?  I’m curious about how other people do this.  Please share.



  1. I’ll be hitting ~50 for the year (a record for me), but have at least one colleague who’s going to be closer to 100 than 50.

    We tend to have yearly goals for how many sessions to do, though as are instruction program has grown, those seem ever more unnecessary.

    I just taught three classes yesterday, but we have a new program where we are talking to every freshman comp class in the university and there are a lot of them.

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