Posted by: Emily | September 28, 2009

Reflecting, again

After a long hiatus, I’m excited to bring back Library Praxis as a place to think and talk and reflect about library instruction. I’m prompted by a colleague here at LIU, the director of our writing program, who started a blog this semester to blog at On ‘Taking the Ell’: Teaching Basic Writing. If Deborah’s reflecting in public, I think I ought to do the same, especially considering this semester’s new initiative to embed library instruction in English 16, our version of freshman comp.

I begin teaching the library in earnest today–one class already this afternoon, another scheduled for tonight, three more after that this week–and look forward to trying new things and then figuring out, hopefully, what to try next time. My first lesson of the semester? It doesn’t take as long as you think to go around the room and get everybody’s name.


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