Posted by: Emily | May 7, 2010

Reminder: Brooklyn College event

Alana and I will both be moderating round table breakout sessions at tomorrow’s Critical Pedagogy and Library Instruction event, hosted by Alycia and Jonathan, doing great work for LACUNY, at Brooklyn College. Thank you so much for inviting us! Ira Shor will be speaking in the early part of the afternoon, followed by some socializing time that will give you the chance to buy a copy of Critical Library Instruction (save on shipping fees!) and browse and buy issues of Radical Teacher. (Have you sent in a proposal for our upcoming issue on teaching with digital technologies? We’re looking specifically for librarian contributions!) Then we’ll be meeting in smaller groups to talk about issues that emerge from Ira’s talk.

Maria will be sorely missed–when will tech enable us to just wish folks places?–but we’re very much looking forward to meeting and talking with like-minded librarians in the area. I’ll be spending lots of time at the pitch table. Come say hi!



  1. […] Reference is sponsoring an event tomorrow on Critical Library Instruction at the Brooklyn College Library. The organizers are Emily […]

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