Posted by: Emily | May 24, 2010

Shelf Life: A Radical Reference salon

If you’re in NYC and looking for things to do and think about now that Lost is over or your team is out of the playoffs or whathaveyou, come join Radical Reference at the Brecht Forum for Shelf Life: Deaccession, Reanimation, and the Social Justice Implications of Library Discards*. I’m moderating the post-presentation discussion, and would love to see some familiar faces in the audience. The folks who are presenting each do interesting things with discards, and I’ve been asked to “keep it political” in the discussion portion of the event. I expect a good conversation. Plus, we’ll be down by the water on the way way west side, no better place to watch the sun go down.

*I didn’t come up with the title of this event, but I want to kiss whoever did. Shelf Life. Ha!



  1. i wanted to come, but was finishing my capstone project. next time!

  2. You can see how far behind I am in my feedreading, but I wanted to let you know that Julia came up with “Shelf life.”

    • ha ha! hi jenna! thanks for letting me know!

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