Posted by: Emily | June 3, 2010

How Class Works conference

I’ll be giving a brief presentation on a panel about pedagogies of class tomorrow afternoon at How Class Works 2010, a conference at Stony Brook sponsored by their Center for Working Class Studies. I don’t expect to see any other librarians there, but if by some odd chance I’m wrong, please do come say hello. My paper expands a bit on an short piece I wrote for Radical Teacher about using the classification structure to teach students about ideologies of class.

You can see, or at least I can see, that I’ve been spending a lot of time lately reading Plato. I’m newly-enamored with the pedagogical potential of analogies. Plato uses them a lot, taking something concrete like medicine or cooking to explain something more abstract, like philosophy or rhetoric. A couple thousand years out, and I think he might be onto something. Library classification structures have the virtue of being material; how might we use them to help students see and articulate structures of economic class, often much harder to see?

So that’s the general gist of the presentation, which I’ll link to here if you’re interested in having a look.


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